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Course Quantum reality and computers

Started enrollment for practice "live living" 2021 in Italy

Enrollment is for May, June, July, September and October 2021.
Milena Maat’s master practice will be held LIVE, individually with you or with your partner. The practice takes place in 1 day from 10 am to 8 pm live in partnership with the presenter Milena Maat, as a reality feature for a conscious ordinary life. The venue is Syracuse, Sicily, with pre-enrollment at least a month before the date of the event. Press the button for more information and save.

Individual meditation

Individual meditation with Milena Maat

The new individual practice with Milena Maat is a 20 minute online meditation, through a video conference call. The meditation is recommended for harmony of the mind and body,
inner balance, mental and physical health,
transforming fear and intrusive thoughts.

Free Emergency help

Free Emergency help!

The current situation with COVID-19 can lead to mental or physical problems. If you need urgent psychological help, contact Milena Maat.

Milena Maat’s practices

"Conscious Living" Master Practice

“Live Living” individual and group practice consists of all-day live training with Milena Maat in Bulgaria, Italy, Mexico or other European countries. ENROLMENT FOR 2021 HERE

Computers and quantum reality

In a world where computers are just an extension of our lives, it may be important to know the many capabilities we can find in human-computer interaction.

"Alchemy of the mind" Master Practice

Monthly online master practice for people seeking a deeper esoteric development and practical approach to life and work-related issues

Individual and business development

Individual practice with attention to the development of private life or business oriented development.

Mystical Experience

Various live group practices with various topics such as meditation for manifestation and enlightenment, tantra peer energy for women and men, mastery of reality and illusion and others.

Milena Maat’s Projects

Milena Maat's work with children and parents

Milena Maat's work with children and parents

Milena Maat offers individual and group sessions for women who are trying to conceive, for children with autism spectrum diseases, as well as for teenagers with problematic behavior.
In 2021, the first alchemical group practice aimed entirely at Family, Partners and Parenting is launched. For more information, contact Milena Maat.

Psychological First Aid

Psychological 'first aid' for your business and employees

Milena Mayat offers various help packages to employees of companies who would like to improve the work-life balance of their employees. In 2021 the first alchemical group practice Business in Light, Talents and Creativity in Team – unification of spirit and matter in personal and professional life as a combination and self-realization is launched.

Milena Maat Academy

The "Maat" Academy for talented professionals

The Academy for talented professionals led to numerous national concerts and events with more than 10 performers in 3 major Bulgarian cities. Milena Maat offers individual
practical courses for professional development of your talent. For more information, contact Milena Maat.

Contact Milena Maat

If you wish to book one of the individual and group practices that Milena Maat offers, send us a message and we will contact you back.