Mystical Experience
by Milena Maat

Live event group practices on various topics, led by Milena Maat.

Mystical Experience: Tantric formational energy of partnership for Females

The practice provides the knowledge and techniques for the conscious and responsible implementation of sexual energy, which is the path of revealing the true woman in her fullness to the roles of mother, wife and lover, inspiring beauty and creativity.

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The woman has a rich emotional and spiritual inner world, which often influences the outside world as well. The feeling of emptiness, misunderstanding, low self-esteem, unmet emotional needs inevitably affects the relationship with family, intimate partner, colleagues and friends. The practice is aimed at realizing the authentic female power and applying the huge potential of the woman in a practical way through her everyday life. The practice works to help those women who somehow feel an imbalance in their relationships – personal, professional, intimate, relationship with themselves, and those who want to consciously develop their sexuality, magnetism and a strong female presence. Reaching to the fountain of her feminine power every woman begins to feed and draws her inspiration from there. The practice is appropriate for improving sexuality, finding a partner, doing business and money, conceiving, and any aspect where a woman can put her creative inspiration and be born again.The specificity of the practice is that it works with very strong energies and teachers. Knowledge about the potential of female energy and sexuality is transmitted. The power of tantra energy, which is at the heart of love, family, all creativity and is the path to enlightenment, is deeply realized. It reaches ancient knowledge about Tantra science and the realization of tantra energy in life. It works to increase femininity and maintain high vibration. Due to the stronger energy flows and deep meditations, there is cleansing and many participants often cry. The woman is softened, her heart opens. The work is to accept every aspect of myself, to put the walls around the heart, the womb and every remaining part of the body. It works to unite all the elements, forgiveness, release and healing of the soul, and allow the power of life and the love of its nude gold to pass through the being. As a result, the woman begins to be in a real function of herself and to live in a simultaneity of every aspect of her life.


Mystical Experience: Tantric formational energy of partnership for Males

Through practical meditations and talks, work is done for conscious realization of the sexual energy of the man in the different spheres of his realization – love, family, business.

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The tools for transforming the creative male energies from sexual impulse into a bearer of Enlightenment and Liberation are pointed out. The practice brings the understanding of how to unfold and manage the formational male energies of God that each man carries within himself. It covers many aspects of life and relationships. Through practical meditations and talks, work is done for conscious realization of the sexual energy of the man in the different spheres of his realization – love, family, business. Sexual consciousness leads each man to his true mission, as well as to evolution and elevation. The consciousness of the divine energy that is realized through the man is responsible for its manifestation in the fullness of a husband, father, lover, creator, entrepreneur, creator of his desirable reality with swiftness and stability. It affects the different aspects of self-realization and business creation in the light and maintaining harmony and joy of the manifestation of the role of the man. During the practice, many abnormalities are detected and altered which lead to the suspension or distortion of pure male energy. Some of the changes are taking place along with the practice, and the rest spread over time to awaken the man and make him more confident, self-aware and successful.


About Mystical Experience

Live Event Group Practices by Milena Maat

The mystical experience is the spiritual note in our lives. It is this part of us which has touched God.
In the series of live event group practices on various topics, Mystical Experience by Milena Maat will show us how to apply in our daily life our own divine essence regardless of our profession or interests.
Each of the topics will enrich you with information and approaches that can expand the boundaries of your mind and reach insights to help you see the whole picture of angles that can only be seen with a divine look. Some of the topics include “Tantric formational energy for partnership”, “Lucid Dreaming”, “Clairvoyance”, “Business in the light”, “Divine Connection”, “Everyday harmony”, “Miracles”, “Light and darkness”, “Meditations for Materialization and Enlightenment”and many more.

Meditations for Materialization and Enlightenment
by Milena Maat

This type of meditation is suitable for people who have never meditated before, and also for those with long experience with meditations. It gives a sense of freedom and opens paths for materialization of reality.

The meditation consists of a brief discussion, it is silent but still guided, lasting about an hour.

The meditation is recommended for:
– Difficulties in conception;
– Failed relationships;
– Difficulties finding a spouse;
– Business difficulties;
– For general physical and mental harmonization;
– Depression, fearful neurosis;
– Anxiety and other stressful conditions.

Milena Maat facilitates these meditations every 2-3 months, they are with free entrance, however it’s encouraged that you leave a donation.

Please visit all events with a healthy doubt and readiness for real facts!

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Here is what participants say about the Mystical Experience live practices

“I have been working with Milena for 6 months. I’m very happy that I have met her. I have been on 2 group courses of Practical Awareness, and 1 Individual  weekly course for Personal Development. I have visited several group meditations and had several individual sessions.

She helped me to handle with my guilt feeling by telling me that whenever I feel such a feeling I must immediately replace it with an action.

She also helps me to see the different points of any situation. She taught me to be grateful for the things that have happened to me and to learn the lesson from every situation.
She taught me to live through my heart, because before that I was a robot who did everything through the brain.She taught me to appreciate the people around me, and that nobody owes me anything, because before that I thought people live for me. She taught me to respect the work of the  people and their time.

Kalina Stoyanova

I thank Milena Maat for all the love, beauty, and life impulse she gave me. For me, it is honor, pride and a real privilege to meet her at the very beginning of my life. After my work with her I developed an inner responsibility and need to share lightness, joy, happiness, beauty and love of everything around me. The spirit is here in the matter. I’m talking about real states in everyday life. Miracles are a real here and now. I do not find the words to describe what I feel. It is beyond the words of brave and hearty people. I have attended Individual Sessions, Meditations, Alchemy of the Mind Master Class, Tantra of the Male Energy, Mastery of the Illusion and Reality, Clairvoyance, Talents and Professionalism, and others. I’m awaiting my Conscious Living Individual Practice , which I can not wait start already. Such opportunities are rare in a human life. Thank you, Milena Maat, for the uniqueness that I saw in myself and others. I hope for even more long-term partnerships on the inner path and endless fun!

Joe Gyurov

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