What are the practices for Individual Development with Milena Maat?

By enrolling in practice for Individual Development, you begin one of the most exciting journeys to your inner universe. From the very first session, you will understand how deep this ocean of knowledge is.
With each session, you’ll view one or more chapters of the “book” of your life.

Individual development is a practice that gives you the opportunity to work with yourself consciously and see the whole picture from a much higher point of view. No matter what situation you are in at this stage in your life, working with Milena Maat will illuminate even the most hidden corners of our consciousness and show you opportunities that can change your reality now to be in one where you are happy.
The energies that come down during this practice are individual to the person who has enrolled and especially to those parts of his life that have the most urgent need for rearrangement. The course begins to work as soon as you sign up because this confirms your desire for a change in your life. Be prepared to also have trials that will show you the percentage of your desire to work with yourself at a high level.
According to the degree of your awareness, there may be many changes already after the first session with Milena Maat. You will not always understand at all levels the information you receive when working with Milena Maat, but the reason for this is because you are yet to build the senses with which to process it. It works with you on very deep levels that unfold over time and serve you, and you understand them at a later stage in your life when your awareness senses open at a time when you are ready to understand them. Each session with Milena Maat works with you astrally and is complemented by the following sessions. Accumulated knowledge sits within you as a time capsule that opens up at the moments when you accumulate the capacity to open and the next deeper levels. By opening deeper levels, you will understand the courses at the next level.
This practice helps to change the current programs in the subconscious of a person and his energy field, with which everyone is hindered and does not allow himself to live in joy and ease.

Each session proceeds with the intensity you are ready to, but it is also both fun and light so that in harmony you can understand the larger aspects of your individuality without feeling fear.

As it enters the next phases of its energy development, but your mind is not prepared for the steps ahead, panic, fear, pain, and suffering may occur. In order for this process to be favorable to you, it is nice to turn to a professional in the field to show you these steps and teach you how to pass harmoniously. Many people describe sessions with Milena Maat as” Meeting your enlightened self.” During the practice “Individual Development, you will have the opportunity to see the different aspects of your Ego, but from a much more enlightened angle, also, the reason for your current state and, most importantly, what are the actions you can take to change this.

A human is a complex being, and when one part of it changes, the others rearrange to change and begin to work in sync. By changing the personal world, you rearrange automatically and other parts of your professional and healthy world. Always working with Milena Maat on a part rearranges many other parts of them in humans, quite different from their notions such as a reproductive health problem, finding a suitable partner on a personal level or reinventing your current partner, improving your appearance, growing up in a career, discovering new talent, improving relationships with your relatives, etc.
For this, the practice of “Individual Development” does not limit you to just one thing to work on, but rather gives you the opportunity to work with all your aspects, even those that you do not yet know to exist.
By changing your personality, you automatically change your surroundings as well. Vibrating with a new frequency, you also attract new similar people in your environment to partner with you.
Individual development is a practice that helps you reinvent yourself and get along better, value, and love each other, but mostly consciously become the screenwriter of your life without fear. It teaches you to enjoy life and enjoy what you do.

What are the practices for Professional and Business Development with Milena Maat?

In this practice, spiritual and matter merge so that you can understand and realize doing business, but in a very different way than the way you have lived before. Whether you are a respected businessman or are still building your career, with this practice you have the opportunity to develop a business as a true artist, in a very conscious and profound way. Business Development practice is recommended to people who have the courage to turn their business idea into a real and working business. In addition to the development of your business, your attitude to partnership, money and love is also affected.

A human is a complex being, and when one part of it changes, the others rearrange to change and begin to work in sync. By changing your business world, you rearrange automatically and other parts of your personal and healthy world. Always working with Milena Maat on the topic of business and money rearranges in people many other parts of us, quite different from our notions such as a reproductive health problem, finding a suitable partner on a personal level, improving appearance, etc.

This course helps you develop partnership and professionalism combined with personal life and permission for happiness. That’s how Milena Maat teaches you how to do business through your heart, not through your mind. Create an overall sense of creativity, realization, projects, money, love, sex and more.

With this practice, you will be able to peek alchemically to any atom of your business.
Each subsequent practice opens up deeper levels of awareness and complements previous ones.

Enrolling in this practice, you need to be ready for provocations in many interesting and non-standard ways.

You will learn to handle every tool in your daily life. Everything God has given us as a tool for development and awareness, it already exists around us.

Business Development courses are mainly aimed at opening the senses to see that all we need is already around us. By opening these senses consciously, we learn to recognize the tools around us and use them. When we do not realize the existence of these tools, and we fear them, and so we instead use them sabotage them.

If every single act we do and every thought in everyday life comes from love, but not that love we know, but deeper coming out of unfamiliar depths, it could change our whole lives.

This practical course affects the most important thing – a person’s fear of matter, of money, as well as self-sabotage and the fear of having or not having one. Also rescue or sacrificial energies. As well as underestimating those around us or overestimating them, which is parallel to what is in us.
To have a clear monetary problem means that your attitude to money is totally wrong. And if you do not pay attention to this problem in time, it will over time become bigger, more serious and increasingly difficult to overcome.
Since we live in a reality where the money is our exchange unit, and in order to obtain the necessary resources for life, we cannot ignore their existence, on the contrary, we need to make sure that we have enough to be happy and satisfied. When there is a lack of resources, our thoughts are constantly directed at the fear that they are not enough.

Many people have a conscious and subconscious fear that money or success in creativity will confuse them. Feeding this fear, they create very serious financial problems. And since every particle in us is connected, so do the problems with finances reflect immediately on other parts of us. It’s a tangled web of problems, and you’re wondering where it came from.

Enrolling in this practice, you need to be prepared to bravely make some money and see if you will go wrong. If you go wrong, you will line up, but for this you need to provide time and funds.

In the beginning, there are many levels that we can go through on our own, but if we decide to move forward and open our minds to much deeper alchemical levels, we will need the help of someone who is already living in real life in the next levels. So he can pass it on to us with hidden knowledge. These people are either born conscious or open the secret knowledge at a later stage in their lives with the help of people who already live it.

Our business development is the way to love the body mind and soul as one and to consciously give time and resources to ourselves and others we love in order to realize in prevention the countries of our diamond that we do not know and fear.
Business development is a way to explore and get to know yourself through the greatest human fear – the fear of matter. Through this process, matter reveals its secrets to us, and we understand that the heart of the matter is simply a spirit that loves us as God does.

The most important thing in getting to know yourself through business and money is to realize the word “combination”. As a good treatment is a combination, so good business is a combination.

If we can combine, correctly combining the individual products or tools in our business or in the office work, this combination will form an alchemical union of body speech, and mind, and we will live it here and now, and it will multiply. When we give it to ourselves through the heart, we will automatically multiply this process and get rich many people in our environment. We can share with others something if we give it to ourselves first.


Dolya Novachkova

“Money is a special topic that I have been working with Milena since the beginning. This course totally overturned my idea of money, which only then did I realize how fundamentally wrong it was. From a man who can’t take the money and thinks it’s dirty and bad, I started to appreciate and respect them a little bit, to understand what a unique role they play in our lives and how much they actually facilitate and support it. As a result, for a few months I was paid a salary, and most importantly – before the course I was stuck with a bank credit – things had gone almost to court and I was very scared, but after the course, I managed to negotiate with the bank and re-signed on much better terms.”

Velichka Marinova

“The most stunning course, unique, astral, at the time I was in China and we had no direct communication, there I realized that I could feel my Master in a different way from the physical one. I realized that knowledge is in everything, you just have to have senses and be ready, you don’t have to go to the end of the world and look for it.”

Joe Gyurov

“Thank you, Milena Maat, for the uniqueness I saw in myself and others. For more co-partnering on the way inwards and endless entertainment!”

Zlatka Petrova

“whatever contact with Milena Maat, you automatically begin to receive a number of self-awareness that act on an energy level and illuminate those parts that one alone cannot see.”

Araxi Muhibyan

“The different practices with it are so strongly intertwined and work together, as an impact inside me, that I can not distinguish them and determine which course for what has influenced to a higher degree! Paradoxically, after a course in finance, wonderful things have happened to me in love … For me, the important thing is that I am more and more myself, increasingly free, loving, creative, and spilling the divine energy and love that passes through Milena, is passed down to all who work with her, and all this happens in ease, banter, fun! ”

Katya Casakova

I would describe my work with Milena during the course as a serious conversation between professionals. I realized how fixing in the concreta prevents me from seeing the whole thing. During the course, I began to appreciate my work and that of others. After the course, I worked to accept the money The course continues to work for me to this day. You have to be as big as the other one for the exchange to happen. My environment has changed after the course, around me people are already treating their colleagues with respect, advertising their activities, and supporting each other in joint initiatives. ”

Dolya Novachkova

“Milena’s approach to individual work is always unique and unpredictable.” Somehow she instantly connected with your complete picture of life at the moment, which you yourself do not want to see and manages to press your exact buttons, give you other angles of the situation you are in, illuminates even your dirtiest corners so that you can see. And if you want – to change! I’ve had a lot of individual hours with her since the beginning seven years ago, and she’s always been able to find the right approach to “my frightened I,” “the girl who doesn’t want to grow up,” “the biting chick she understands,” “the unfortunate victim” or any other roles I’ve been in over the years.”

Zlatka Petrova

“Individual programs with Milena Maat are a real magic that changes the existing reality as soon as you make an appointment. It’s like the universe immediately realizes that you’ve made the decision for your life to take a new direction, and it’s in sync with the plan that defined the soul before it came into this life.
During the individual hour, course of living or any contact with Milena Maat, you automatically begin to receive a number of self-awareness that act on an energy level and illuminate those parts that one alone cannot see.
I have known Milena Maat since 2011, and in the beginning, we worked extremely intensively on the problem areas of my life. Now that my problems are gone with her help, I visit the programs that at the time I feel would be useful to me or interesting to me in the relevant area of my life. Working with her helps to “break” the current programs in the subconscious of man and his energy field, with which everyone sabotages himself and does not allow himself to live in ease and joy.
And last but not least, working with her is fun and one feels lighter and feels in herself unsuspecting forces-the impossible becomes possible.”

Katya Casakova

“I have attended over 10 regulated individual consultations. – I can call them ” Meeting with my enlightened self” “

I see my naked soul and I feel absolutely disarmed. Over time, I stopped being ashamed of the black in me, which I so carefully cultivated and hid it, that was my first date with Milena. The exam was crucial. I’m glad I didn’t give up at the time, and I moved on. I’m alive now.
Each Individual Session is a surprise. It doesn’t matter what question you asked before you walked into Milena’s office. All of a sudden, there’s a real reason you’re there.
I felt like I had nowhere to hide.
I realized what a screenwriter I am of my life.
I learned how to transform the role of mother I’ve played so far
On the first date, I couldn’t realize anything. Every other meeting was more and more exciting.
Three days after my first meeting with Milena, I realized her words: ” Why are you pretending to be a victim?”
Each session continued to work astrally afterwards.
The changes that occurred were related to awareness of the negative aspect of my ego
I keep working after the sessions.
A lot has changed with my surroundings. I found common language with one of my daughters and was able to support her at a difficult time for her
I’m grateful i was allowed to continue.’

Aglika Nikolova

Inspiration, the embodiment of a full and happy life. This is how Milena MAAT works and so provokes everyone around her to live. When I’m in contact with her, it’s like communicating with thousands of creatures. We’ve known her for almost four years. In the beginning, I visited general meditations and an individual meeting with Milena, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The truth is, I received a great gift for my 25th birthday from Elina Chedchedzhieva. She told me, “if you want, I’m going to make an appointment, Milena has helped me in many aspects of my life.” At that moment I was just crooked and I missed Bulgaria and native things very much. At first it was weird for me and I thought I was fine and somehow all the aspects that I wasn’t comfortable seeing about myself – I turned my head on the other side and pretended they were gone. I had closed myself off, and from too much handout, I had decided that everyone owed me, that I had given, and now it was time to receive. Basically, it wasn’t very pleasant to sit around me for long. Milena saw what I was in there, no matter what I was showing, and brought it back into the light. He showed me how to express the man full-bloodedly, how to live the woman with a capital G without fear of it. I found an awful lot of friends and like-minded people who, like me, learn to live in love and joy. The success of the venture is variable, but the way I went after meeting Milena MAAT is a conscious path. A path in which I am still learning to accept and not question the will of God and the jokes of my 😉 and to appreciate every little particle that, through Milena MAAT, I have been able to rediscover and better understand myself. ”

Anelia Maslinkova

“I want to start by saying that on my first date with Milenka (individual class) I thought that all the people were black, that I was white, that they were bad, and I was the good one. In fact, things stood in a radically different way: I was black on the inside, the negative energies were deeply intertwined with me, and the people.. they were just my reflection. I didn’t see joy in the world, I didn’t want to hear about love either (no matter how it looked), I hurt myself both physically and mentally, I couldn’t forgive myself or others. In all my brilliance, I was just playing one victim. The moment our conversation with Milenka began, she brought all my fears to light, but in the process of my primal denial, she helped me somehow chew them, accept them, turn them into strength, even if at that moment I did not assimilate it… I walked out of the room naked, took off all the masks, “clothes”, weights, which of course was quite shocking, because I had to swallow my ego and admit the reality, to confess myself to myself. With each passing day, I wore “clothes”, which were not only comfortable for me but also warm. Her messages constantly came upon me and were my “weapon” in the moments that I found hard to keep the balance. I was able to start some contact with my father, have love for him, have love for everything and everyone without expecting anything in return. I had menstrual problems coming to me every 8 months, but after our meeting and it got into its normal rhythm. I let go of people who for a long time were nothing more than energy vampires, something I didn’t realize until before I met her. It’s been a long time since we’ve had our second date, which was already practice Live Living.’

Victoria Saxanova

“Words are not enough to describe my work with Milena Maat. You skip through time in minutes and hours. It teaches you to be yourself and not hide behind others. It gives you confidence, strength and self-confidence in yourself and in the deeds you do or want to do.

I’ve known Milena since 2014, that’s when we first met live, even though we had meetings before in our sleep without knowing each other personally. The first course I did was Individual Development. After him, I changed, began to enjoy life and enjoy what I was doing. I opened myself up to the world. Before this course, I had locked myself in a shell that no one would let break. After my first year, I wanted to break it myself and smile at the world.

Then I did a few more “Individual Development” courses that helped me see things from a different perspective. To go beyond me and look at myself from the sidelines, objectively and without conviction. What Milena does helps you see yourself as you are— without circumvention and without any reproach. I remember what you once said to me, “That’s you, I’m not saying it’s bad or good, you’re going to decide for yourself what you want to be from here on out.””

After a series of courses “Individual Development” I needed to get to the next level – it was a living.”

Stella Markova

“The first meetings with Milena were individual classes in 2015, during which a process of sizing ego and moral compass successfully and intensively began, and activation of virtues such as gratitude and patience. That’s when I learned and started to admit out loud how quickly they’re running out, and that part of me doesn’t love myself enough, but criticizes myself.
During and after weekly hours and meditations, the following little miracles happened:
Career promotion related to changing the manager above me and getting a high dose of professionalism, trust and desire to develop in myself on his part, which eventually outlined a clear career path and a wonderful working environment
Overcoming post-traumatic stress from a crash
Forgiveness and inner peace for past parental mistakes and mutual alienation after my eighteenth year
Harmonizing my then relationship and finding me in it (something I banged my head about)
Initial dissolution of maternal instinct and apparent desire for family
Incineration of old prejudices and uncertainty and concentration on Stella
The hours spent together went through a full range of emotions – lots of laughter and smiles, lots of provocations and tears, and were at the right time and place around the birth date.
The initial partnership with Milena not only turned my world around, but led to an adventurous and enriched woman in me.”

Kalina Stoyanova

“I’ve been working with Milena for six months. I’m very happy to have met her. I have driven 2 courses practical awareness, as well as one “Individual Development”. Separately, I have gone to meditations and several times to individual live consultations.
She helped me cope with my sense of guilt, saying that every time I feel that feeling like that, I immediately have to replace it with action.
It also helps me see the different perspectives of something. He taught me to be grateful for the things that have happened and to learn from every event.
He taught me to live through the heart because before that I was a robot that did everything through the brain.
He taught me to appreciate the people around me and that no one owes me anything, because until now I thought people were living for me.
He taught me to have respect for people’s work, their time and work.’

Sofia Valcheva

“My experiences with Milena began just over a year ago. I consider her my spiritual teacher, spiritual mother, spiritual friend.

I attend meditations for manifestation and enlightenment, and this was my first meeting with her.

After every meditation, everything changes. The pieces of the puzzle are stacked in an incredible way. The universe is beginning to create. I am extremely grateful to have the honor of knowing her!

We have also had individual live sessions as well as online. I’m always looking forward to meeting her. They are magical and wonderful, because when a person senses love, he does not need anything else. 🙂

Milena is a living miracle. The connection I feel with her is the connection with the source of universe Wisdom, Love, and Truth!

I feel very good thinking about her or seeing her or dreaming about her. These moments are very precious and intimate to me. They’re my favorite because they remind me, “Sophia, you’re not alone on this earth”… 🙂

I’ve always felt like the people around me don’t fully understand me, but she understands me all the time, she understands me more than I understand myself. 🙂 She’s helped me a lot and I love her very much and I want her to be happy!”

Diana Mileva

“I know and have the honor of working with Milena MAAT Boneva since 2012. Then, at first, I didn’t call her my teacher. I used to go to individual classes and just call her Milena. Over time, however, I realized that this lady is not JUST Milena, she is much more than just Milena, she is the purest and brightest person that I or anyone in my circle has ever touched, saying touching not even a physical encounter, but just a presence,energy in space.
Milena’s individual hours are always different, very often they grow into a whole course, in fact always. The interesting thing for me was that in individual meetings with Milena very often different people were involved, and this was not at all accidental, since we best understand a problem or process in which we are through the experience and perspective of others, every time we meet we are given the opportunity to see a clear side on which a shadow has been cast to the moment or to tick the veil. Milena’s help is unique in these situations, as always with the participation of several people she explains things concerning all those present simultaneously and individually.
The course “Individual Development”. These are very individual meetings, but for a certain saturated period of time. During this period, a lot of things in our lives are clarified, situations, and decisions that have led us to where we are at the moment, we look at a different angle. We are put back in casual meetings with other people, through which we understand much more about the topic that excites us at the moment. These courses work for us a long time after they are finished. During these times we are given a lot of saturated information, which is difficult to fully process at the moment. However, if we have indeed been present with all our being, through current situations, objects, or people, this information is printed out to us and serves us.”

Margarita Traykova

“For nearly 10 years I have had the honor and happiness to know and work with Milena Maat. In a few words, it’s hard to describe who she is and what she’s doing. You can get over it and find out. All I can say is that what it does is a unique reminder of who he is and what prevents him from being happy, real and unique to himself. I recently had an individual course with her. I really wish everyone had one to see how much easier life can be. However, I know thatand he’s ready and wants something like that, or he’s just the way he’s doing it. For those who know it as their own, I will say – the course is so intense that you record one, and it turns out you get 8. There is also an enrollment underway for another form of training that promises to be very up-to-date, interesting and useful, given how quickly computers enter our lives and become dependent (or not) on them. It is worth checking

Diana Mileva - journalist and Zumba instructor

Professional and business development consultations are practices with high intensity and instant results. Such consultations I would define as a “sweet provocation” to go deeper into yourself and rediscover your inspiration to the next level. After these consultations, you go deep, deep into the truth about things you have carried inside you since you were a child, gifts that have always shaken your heart with excitement. Milena Maat always works with inspiration and inspiration, respectively, even if we are in a period where we do not see results from our work, in which we feel devaluation and lack of motivation to continue, this I realized that is our golden period. Trusting the professional in the face of Milena Maat, we can come out completely transformed by the swearing. For me, many of the sensitivities and beauty had evaporated as if I had acted as if in a program of suhartic and shredded, not to realize the integrity of the processes, for abruptly stepping away from the authentic in me, which was also the initial provocation of my talent. When it comes to music, singing, dance Milena Maat is the best person to expand and feel our true talents and give them a beautiful expression. Talent to reach more people and not be distorted requires not only perseverance and perseverance, but mostly an open heart. The talents I imagine them as little fakes from the fairy tales that are next to us, each with its instrument, and playfully remind us to love each other with all our senses and thus connect in hand on. Nowadays, meeting people or someone who is not offended and dejected, especially an artist, is a very difficult thing, there are many explanations for this, and they come mostly from swirling processes that put talent and inspiration in the background. That is why it is invaluable to me to communicate with a person who challenges you to rediscover yourself in everything and everywhere, not to stop for a moment to seek and develop, the sweetest and most beautiful in yourself, what you are created for, and to multiply it in a variety of forms, so as to bear the scent of sharedness and love.


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