Practice for prevention of emotional and mental burnout – ONLINE – 4 weeks


This practice works for harmony and the prevention of emotional and mental burnout. Together you will find the sources of the emotional and mental burnout, will work with the reasons that have led to this situation. The burnout prevention practice will help everybody to understand a lot more about himself and his internal universe. After the practice, you will be able to look at the world with a different attitude and you will be much confident in Yourself.
Milena Maat has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in social management, international business relationships, social pedagogy, and more than 30 years of experience in the business area. She is the organizer and the creator of many projects related to talents and teamwork.

Method of running and duration:

The meetings are twice a week, each one hour – online conference with Milena Maat Through the 4 weeks of the practice, the participants are in contact with Milena Maat all the time via text platform.

It is suitable for:

– Demotivation
– Lack of inspiration and motivation for teamwork
– Panic attacks and fatigue
– Emotional conflicts at the workplace and imbalance
– Mental burnout and lack of desire to work
– Professional stress and inability to realize the issue
– Inability to perform their work-related duties

The possibility and the desire to confess in front of you is the first step to restore life harmony. The second step is to connect with a professional to work in a team and quickly restore the joy of life and professional development.


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