Milena Maat  A Modern Day Zen Teacher

Welcome to A divergent Space


Are you ready for a MEETING, a MEMORY, an ADVENTURE ?!
You are entering the path to your innerself, as you have chosen to be.
You are already different, even if you do not fully comprehence it.
Here you will meet a unique person, being, master, teacher. You will learn about her long past and present work and you will meet with her students.
Swinging around by the words you read, you are certainly starting to feel the light within…
This LIGHT, which will bring a joyous change, a peace of mind and knowledge for the path of the HEART.
Here, you will meet yourself, the way you know and don’t know yourself, both at the same time.
You will rediscover your LOVE and the way you reside HERE and NOW.
Here, you will come across some of the missing pieces of the puzzle you are currently working on and will put them back into their place with delight.
The flower of GOOD will blossom within you, so it could pollinate the other flowers and leave a trace together.

About Milena Maat

Milena Maat is a modern day Zen teacher. She has mastered in the Tantra, Alchemy and Transmutation of the Mind. Milena has over 40 years of experience, she was trained in various countries in secret schools with in-house knowledge.
She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics, social sciences and health care. She is a lecturer and conductor of individual and group practices and meditations.
Milena Maat is a master in the awareness and differentiation of reality and illusion. Her work consists in conducting different practices with social, psychological and business purpose.
Milena Maat is an art persona and people argue that her charisma is distinctive. She is one of those people who inspire with the way they dress, the way they talk, the way they drink their coffee, the way they have fun and live, with their smile and personality.
Milena is a human-path, which emanates the breath of faith, love, and aroma of true, unhurried life.
Milena Maat is the founder and owner of the “MAAT Agency for talented professionals”, as well as the “Academy for Personal Development and Esoteric Sprituality – Kondora-Melhezedek”.
Her master practice is the special “Conscious Living” program, in which the practitioner is awakened to live their life in joy, love, abundance and lightfullness. To live their life how God created them, in partnering with a great consciousness called LOVE.
.. True inspiration, the personification of a fulfilling and happy life. That’s how Milena Maat works and how she provokes everyone around her to live consciously. When I’m in touch with her, I seem to be interacting with thousands of beings..
Aglika Nikolova

Practicing with Milena Maat since 2014

..The change depends only on ourselves, but to have a Teacher, a guide to lead you in your own path, to give you faith, to inspire, to support and to love you – that is a real blessing. This is my feeling for Milena Maat – a blessing..
Petya Ivanova

Practicing with Milena Maat since 2012

The practices with Milena Maat are a change at a very deep level. She guides you to yourself. The streets fade in her presence and you have the courage to remove the illusion in which you live. It shows you what you really are and what you’re doing real. How this affects you and yourself and everyone around you. All of this happens through conversation and laughter while you eat. You can often encounter your biggest fears with a smile and decide to change them. It opens the door and shows you the lighter way, and you decide for yourself what you choose. The change that happens in minutes and hours. You become light and changed, grateful and loving yourself.
Nikolay Iglev

Beautiful, light and free, is the soap bubble created by a child’s smile.. oh, and its courage…

– Milena Maat


Meet Milena Maat

Milena Maat facilitates several live group events every year, mainly in Bulgaria and Europe. However, her main way of practicing is through online individual and group practices.

Upcoming events

November 15, 2019

Meditation for materialization and enlightenment • Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

A live in-person event, led by Milena Maat.
This type of meditation is suitable for people who have never meditated before, and also for those with long experience with meditations. It gives a sense of freedom and opens paths for materialization of reality.

December 13, 2019

Mystical Experience: Miracles • Live in Sofia, Bulgaria

Practical meditations and talks.
This is an online LIVE group event.
Learn more about the “Mystical Experience” group practices, led by Milena Maat here.

What do people say about working with Milena Maat?

The individual programs with Milena Maat are a magical. Your existing reality changes at the moment you sign for individual session.

As the universe immediately knows that you have made a decision for your life to take a new direction and it synced with the plan that the soul has defined before it comes to this life.

Zlatka Petrova

I have been working with Milena for 6 months. I’m very happy that I have met her. I have been on 2 group courses of Practical Awareness, and 1 Individual  weekly course for Personal Development. I have visited several group meditations and had several individual sessions.
She helped me to handle with my guilt feeling by telling me that whenever I feel such a feeling I must immediately replace it with an action.

She also helps me to see the different points of any situation. She taught me to be grateful for the things that have happened to me and to learn the lesson from every situation.

She taught me to live through my heart, because before that I was a robot who did everything through the brain.She taught me to appreciate the people around me, and that nobody owes me anything, because before that I thought people live for me. She taught me to respect the work of the  people and their time.

Kalina Stoyanova<br />

I have been working with Milena MAAT for more than 7 years. For that time I have visited so many meditations and courses with her that I can not count them. I have been attending practices of other spiritual teachers as well and they were wonderful, but for myself I have found that for true deep spiritual work, I need someone who actually provokes me, and Milena is exactly that person. She is a one of a kind, a provocative player through the Spirit who does not stop surprising me – sometimes she surprise me when we laugh, or when are at a party and having fun, sometimes is when we have deeply serious conversations, she always manages to find even the most embarrassing truths hidden by me, which completely changes me. Since I’ve been working with her, I feel freedom, I became happier, more loving, and more truly connected with myself. I learned to accept myself as I am, to love and not to judge, but the opposite – to understand every manifestation in my life and to decide if I want to change it consciously or not.
Dolya Novachkova

I thank Milena Maat for all the love, beauty, and life impulse she gave me. For me, it is honor, pride and a real privilege to meet her at the very beginning of my life. After my work with her I developed an inner responsibility and need to share lightness, joy, happiness, beauty and love of everything around me. The spirit is here in the matter. I’m talking about real states in everyday life. Miracles are a real here and now. I do not find the words to describe what I feel. It is beyond the words of brave and hearty people. I have attended Individual Sessions, Meditations, Alchemy of the Mind Master Class, Tantra of the Male Energy, Mastery of the Illusion and Reality, Clairvoyance, Talents and Professionalism, and others. I’m awaiting my Conscious Living Individual Practice , which I can not wait start already. Such opportunities are rare in a human life. Thank you, Milena Maat, for the uniqueness that I saw in myself and others. I hope for even more long-term partnerships on the inner path and endless fun!
Joe Gyurov

My experiences with Milena started a little over a year ago. I accept her as my spiritual master, a spiritual mother, a spiritual friend. I have attended the group Meditations for Enlightenment, and this is how I met her for the first time.Everything changes after every meditation. The pieces of the puzzle were arranging in incredible order. The universe begins to create. I am extremely grateful that I have the honor to know her!

We had live and online individual personal sessions. I always look forward to meeting her. They are magical and wonderful, because when one feels Love, he does not need anything else. 🙂 Milena is a miracle. The connection I feel with her is the connection with the origin of universal Wisdom, Love and Truth!

I feel very good thinking about her or seeing her or dreaming about her. These moments are very valuable and essential  to me. They are my favorite because they remind me: “Sofia, you are not alone on this Earth” … 🙂

I always felt that people around me did not fully understand me, but she always understands me, she understands me more than I understand myself. 🙂 She helped me a lot and I love her very much and I want her to be happy!

Sofiya Valcheva

All practices were for me uniquely useful and enjoyable, which is rare as a combination trust me.
Velichka Marinova

True inspiration, the personification of a fulfilling and happy life. That’s how Milena Maat works and how she provokes everyone around her to live consciously. When I’m in touch with her, I seem to be interacting with thousands of beings..

I have been working with Milena for almost four years. At the beginning I visited Group Meditation Events and one Individual Session with Milena, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The truth is I got a great gift for my 25th birthday by Elina Cheshmedzhieva. She said, “If you want, I can set you an appointment, since Milena has helped me in many aspects of my life.”I was not sure what would happen to me, but I signed an appointment right at my 25th birthday. At that moment I was feeling nostalgic for my home country Bulgaria.
At first I thought everything was all right within me.I preferred to turned my head to the other side for all those aspects that  I didn’t liked about myself, and I pretended that they do not exist. I closed myself off from over giving to other people. At that time I thought that everyone owe me since  I already have given so much and now it’s time for me to receive. In overall, it was not very enjoyable to stand long around me.But Milena saw what I was inside me, no matter what I was showing to the outside, and she brought my real individuality back to life. She showed me how to express my entire personality, how to live the woman with the capital W without fear of it.
I found so many friends and partners who, like me, learn to live in love and joy. Naturally, the path of the success and adventure is variable, but the path I took after meeting Milena Maat was a conscious path.
It is a path that I am still learning to accept and not questioning the will of God and the destiny jokes. A path where I appreciate every little particle that  I managed to rediscover and better understand myself through Milena Maat.
The Master Class Alchemy of the Mind, Tantra of the Female Energy, and Conscious Living are those practices who continue to unwrap the layers within me and to give me the opportunity to immerse deeper and deeper into myself, in this love that is inside us and which for a long time I was very afraid to admit that it was there.Milena taught me to love and respect each and every part inside me in both physical and emotional aspect.The boundaries are where we place them, and Milena always provokes and shows me that boundaries do not exist.
She teaches me to expand my consciousness and to love myself as well to love the challenges and strangeness of life. Through  personal example she shows me how happy a person can be. Thank God that you Milena exist, and that Elina introduced us. Nothing is the same after I met you. I thank God for blessing me with the gift to meet you.

Aglika Nikolova

I want to address all people – both men and women, who have decided that they are already “too old” and nothing exciting can happen at their age, hence they fall into memories about the past times, youth, and past happiness.
Dear friends, I am a 60 years old woman and during my work with Milena Maat I realized that Life is what you see it and feel it for yourself !!! If you see it and you live it open and free of clichés, being ready to accept and enjoy all the joy, happiness without looking sideways and without saying “Oooo, it’s no longer for me!”, you will feel and live much more joy, love, sharing and whatever you are willing to give to yourself!After my work with Milena, I know with 100% confidence that “young” is a state of mind and has nothing to do with age! Milena just shows you that there is no “age”!!! We are the ones that set our limitations! With all my heart I thank Milena Maat for those awareness and for the freedom to allow myself to expand more and to allow myself more of the things my soul keeps craving for!
Obeisance! I love this woman! I met Milena Maat for the first time in June 2013. My friend took me with her to one of the Meditation events. And right after that, I joined something that today we would call Group Conscious Living Practicе. We visited the valley of the Thracian Kings, we bowed to Bastet in Strandzha, we also visited Beglik Tash… and so I started  attending regularly to Meditation events and signed several Individual Sessions. I also passed two or three Personal Development Practices.Then, a new phase began, where different thematic group practices were formed with different topics -about love, about finance etc. I have visited them regularly. The Group Conscious Living Practices around Bulgaria continued – Madara, Petrich, Zlatolist (where Reverend Stoyna was living), Rupite – (where Grandmother Vanga was living), Zemen Monastery…I certainly miss something … I have been to at  least two Professional and Business Development Individual practices, as well as five Conscious Living Practices with a Partner in Sofia and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, two Conscious Living Individual Practices in Syracuse, Italy and one Conscious Living Individual Practice in Albi, France.I have also attended Meditation for Materialization and Enlightenment, Computing and Quantum Reality, Alchemy of the Mind Master course, Tantra for Female Energy, Spiritual Virology.
I am consciously not describing the impact of  all the interactions with Milena Maat separately because nowadays is absolutely impossible to say “This has changed in me thanks to this specific course!” The different practices with her are intertwined so vigorously аnd work together as an effect inside me that I can not differentiate them and determines which course has influenced it to a higher degree!It is paradoxical, but after a course for the Finances and Money Energy, wonderful things happened to me in a love plan … For me, the important thing is that I am becoming more myself, and more free, loving, creating and providing the Divine energy and love that passes through Milena, and transmitting to all who work with her, and all this happens with easiness, laugh,and fun!
Thank God I met Milena Maat! It is difficult to describe in words, because she is not the typical “spiritual master” stereotype that most people know these days. My friend Lina said something very sweet in her interview – “You are my way to me!!!” Very well said!
Araksi Mouhibiyan

I know Milena MAAT Boneva and have the honor to work with her from 2012. Then at the beginning I did not call her my teacher. I attended individual sessions and I called her just Milena. In time, however, I realized that this lady is not a JUST Milena, she is much more than just Milena, she is the purest and most bright person to whom I or anyone in my environment has ever get closed to, I do not even mean a physical meeting, but a simple presence, energy in space. Milena’s practices are unique, distinctive and incomparable with any courses, meditations or meetings. She is terrestrial and non-terrestrial, close and at the same time distant. And she is JUST Milena with the smile in the eyes and the wind in her hair, “the wind that just passes here but not to mess it up your hair …”Her words are pages that you open with days, months, years,  but are spoken in a way that if the ears have not heard, the heart has remembered!
At the beginning I did not call Milena Maat my teacher, but the more practices I passed with the group and individually with Milena, there was no way I could not do it. We give significance and respect to our primary teachers, the followers in secondary education, academics at the university, language teachers, computers and so on. I realized that Milena for me was a combination from all of them in my own spiritual and social development , for my performance as a person/ Person and as a woman in my environment.
Milena’s help for me is mostly about clarifying what we want from ourselves, what kind of life we want and, most importantly, what prevents us from realizing it. Often, we set for ourselves the limitations and obstacles to the occurrence of things and the life, which we want to live. The training in all practices of Milena MAAT is related to the understanding and elimination of our “tripped stones” on the way to the desired.
The most enjoyable thing is that thanks to Milena’s vast experience, professionalism and excellence, all this is done in a safe environment, not only by her support but also by many partners we meet thanks to her. To get to this that we become strong enough to support and stand behind our self and take the bridle of the life we dream to live. Milena Maat is my teacher of living a life full of possibilities every moment, a life filled with beauty of LIFE whose formula is that every thing in the universe is looking for LOVE.
Diana Mileva

I want to start by saying that at my first meeting with Milenka (individual session) I thought that all people were dark and I was bright, that they were bad but I was good. In fact, things were radically different – I was dark inside,the negative energies were deeply entangled in me, and they were just my reflection for the people outside. I did not see the joy in this world, I did not want to hear about love (no matter what kind of it), I was hurting myself both physically and mentally, I could not forgive myself or the others … and in all my glamour I played the role of a victim.The moment we started our conversation with Milenka, she made all of my fears appear at the light. She helped me in the process of my initial denial, to assimilate and accept them, to turn them into strength even when I am not realizing what was happening in the moment…
I left  the room naked (figuratively), taking off all the masks, “clothes”(figuratively), weights. It was quite shocking because I had to swallow my ego and admit the reality, to confess my real personality to myself.Every day  after I was putting on those”clothes” (figuratively), that were not only comfortable but warm. Milena’s words constantly appeared in my mind, they were my “weapon” in the moments that it was difficult for me to keep the balance. I managed to start some contact with my father,  and I started feeling love for him, and to experience love for everything and everyone without expecting anything in return. Back then I had a menstrual problems (my period was appearing once in 8 months), but after our Individual Session with Milena, my problem got fixed and my period started appearing into its normal rhythm.
I let go of people who for a long time were nothing more than energy vampires for me, which I did not realize before my session with Milena.
A long time passed before our second meeting (Conscious Living Individual Practice) during which I was born again and as a little kid I enjoyed every “game” we played. The Conscious Living Practice was like a fairy tale. Milenka gave me answers to questions that had been deeply embedded in my mind without even asking them.These 24 hours spent with her (July 2018) have led and continued to lead to so many situations, people, flashes, that rankle me when I’m confused, so I can take the right path and to do not allow something negatively to reach me.
An example of such an encounter happened in the bus, where one grandfather who pushed me to the arm with the words: “Come, sit here next to me” and then for a 40-minute trip he said, “you know everything is love, to get a puppy you must start taking care of it,  if you get a flower you have to water it … everything needs love “… after our conversation I was both shocked and shining with happiness with a smile because I knew what the reason was to communicate with this person :))
What Milenka gave me and she continues to give is something that totally changes your minds – you connect with your inner voice,  with the conscious living, you get the courage to express yourself without worrying whether you will be misunderstood, you learn to love yourself and to love others, you learn to be love yourself. One of the best things is that she shows you the root of the problem, the different paths, but only you get to choose which one to take. I am grateful and will always be grateful that the destiny has met me with a wonderful person and an incredible spiritual master.
Anelia Maslinkova

The words are not enough to describe my work with Milena Maat. You jump in time in minutes and hours. She teaches you to be yourself and not to hide behind others. She gives you confidence, strength and self-confidence about yourself and the deeds you do or want to do.
I know Milena from 2014, then for the first time we met live, although we had met several times before in my dreams without knowing each other personally.Then I had a weekly Personal Development Individual Course. After that course I changed, I started to enjoy life and enjoy the things I did.
I opened for the world. Before this course, I was locked in a shell that no one could break. After my first course, I wanted to break it myself and smile to the world.After that I did a few more weekly Personal Development Individual Courses that helped me to see things from another point of view. To go outside myself and to look at myself from other side, objectively and without judgement. What Milena does, is to help you to see yourself as you are – without any circumvent and no reproof.I remember what she once said to me: “This is you, I’m not saying it’s bad or good, you’ll decide what you want to be from now on.”
After a series of weekly courses, I needed to get to the next and higher level – it was Conscious Living Course.Perhaps it would take me years or maybe a lifetime to realize the things I learned only for those three days during my Conscious Living Course at Sunny Beach . This course changed my life. It is priceless. After this course, my life went in a different direction.
It helped me to find myself, to stand up for the things I want and to fight for them. It was like a new beginning for me, I felt as if I had lived another life before.After seeing the effect of the first course, I signed for several more Conscious Living Courses. Each of them elevates you one level up in the knowledge of yourself and for the life around us.
Particularly great support I received last year after the accident I experienced. I was crushed by what happened to me and what I looked like. Mimi supported me, together with everyone in the group. She made me look at what was happening from another perspective, showed me that the things were not as dark as I thought they were, nor were they light.
Only for few moments Milena managed to get me out of the dark place where I settled gladly. She’s like a sorceress.
I would like to say a few words about the  teamwork and group courses and meditations.They are so liberating, inspiring and purifying. As if we all become one whole, stronger, lighter and Mimi guide us forward and above.
The Tantra courses are shattering. At first for me it was just a enjoyment, but with time the course  became different and deeper. Many babies have started to get born around me. Little babies who come to this world, beautiful, gentle and loving. Now I know that soon, too, I will get the opportunity and the happiness to create a new life.
Thank you, Mimi, for the magic you’re doing for us. I would not want to imagine my life without you. Thank you!


Viktoriya Saksanova<br />