Computers and quantum reality

Milena Maat’s practice changes the whole perception and logic that we have had before about computers, computing, computation, and how we continue to evolve together in a world where the internet, IT, and computers are just an extension of our lives.

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As humans evolved and acquired abilities to reach and understand higher energies and dimensions, the same way computers have the capacity to work in other dimensions and realities as well.
When you work for your energetic development and enlightenment, you can reach another reality and dimension. Your computer can serve as an energy partner in your energy development. At this practice, led by Milena Maat, you would be able to learn how to achieve communication and partnerships on an energy-type of level and discover new dimensions with just your personal tech devices.

This practice develops the idea and, above all, our understanding of computers and information as a stream of energy. There is a different perspective on the perception of the computer as a partner with whom we jointly create and develop the many creative projects we are given. Computers have long been a part of our world and are increasingly becoming everywhere around us. Artificial Intelligence is increasingly free and usable. And evolving.

With the practice “Computing and Quantum Reality”, the practitioners could find the answers to the following questions:

Do we understand the wealth of opportunities that are found in human-computer interaction?
How does the transition to Quantum Reality happen?
How to communicate with the computers at a much enhanced level and understand them?
How to use your computer in your everyday life in a new way?
How would we understand programming, networks, viruses through our lifestyle?

The practice provides an understanding, of how the attacks and viruses in computers have their application in the real world. Their model is a copy of a certain interaction between people. Through this different look, we could find many resemblances to real life and find an easy way to interconnect with the communication between computers and people. A direct link between ‘real’ and ‘quantum’ reality is revealed to inspire and provide a beneficial social and computer life.

The Computing and Quantum Reality practice, lead by Milena Maat, gives the participants the tools to find a place within their teams and partnerships, thus enhancing their self-development and enriching their environment. The application of the practice is wide-ranging, as it gives the breadth of perceptions on what impact each business has, especially if it is virtual/IT related.




To whom it may be useful?


Is just having an entrepreneurial mindset enough to build a successful business nowadays? Especially if it is in the IT industry, understanding the role of computers in the today’s business world is a must. Computers are the fastest way to reach people today.

IT Professionals

Find the pattern? The Computer and the Human worlds are interconnected and interrelated at far more levels than we can imagine. The Matrix has printed its patterns on all worlds and the ability to see the correlation will amaze you.

Generation X and Millenials

Are we already living in a computer-quantum reality? Or are we just dreaming, let’s go beyond the border of our brains and find the facts.


The humans are programing the computers and the computers are programming the humans. Both worlds are alive and have their own priorities. I have been always better with communication with computers and via this course I started to love the humans more and understand them. I am still amazed from the simple things that have always been in front of me, but I didn’t know them until Milena Maat showed them to me. I was inspired from Milena Maat to explore both worlds and I see a lot of new things every day. Simple example the people and computers share the same issue – viruses. In both cases, a human or computer is infected, and the threat is that could infect others. Knowing how to deal with it in one of the worlds, allow you to deal with it in the other world as well. This is just a very brief explanation for the things that are quite unexplainable with few words. Milena Maat is the guide in entering the Quantum Reality that we think we don’t live.

Nikolay Iglev - DevOps Engineer

When I participated in the “Computing and Quantum Reality” course I was already part of a business – a mobile application. There, I also saw how it is done in a slightly wrong way playing a role of ignorant and do not let yourself admit that I can, but you are winning more partners my qualities that obey me, I saw what partnership will not last for a long time During my course I was looking for a sponsor and I found a person who is on me and does not get any trust and then after the presentation of the business plan is no more than nothing. These are real factors that are chosen during the course and materialize. After the course, we had ideas to continue with bankruptcy ideas, but to me, what came out to me, you would have done better than all the other things before and the continued striving forward in the partnership that could be done swung to another or hide behind another and say you know what to do. I understood that I had to learn to go out front and not be afraid to be the head of the operation not only executing. The course was extremely loud, fast and shattering. I really wanted to go on for a long while, but the thirst for another darling showed me to hide behind the bones instead of doing something myself. Even so far I write this I realize even more
Alice Demireva