“Alchemy of the mind”
by Milena Maat

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The “Alchemy of the mind” is one of Milena Maat’s master practices that is valid for achieving more than the standard degree of empathy toward God and the aftermath from such a change.

This is a practical experience, during which are surfaced the required instruments and knowledge to maximize one’s daily life. The practice is intended for achieving freedom and awareness.
The practitioners work to see life in its entirety, but also what stands behind all of their life choices and how to take actions in order to speed up processes and enahnce the love within.

The purpose of the practice is to make every little detail more recognizable and by acquiring the practical tools, the practitioners are able to multiply their love and understanding of their surroundings, their approach towards life and the way how they interact with their loved ones, co-workers and all beings.

This practice is suitable for аll people who want to enlight themselves at a very deep level. To understand the depths of their minds and how they materialize their reality. To realize how they can turn their mind into gold.


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The “Alchemy of the mind” online video books are available right now.

The video book series for the “Alchemy of the mind” practice lead by Milena Maat is separated into several equal parts. This is one of the practices that would be very difficult to be understood with a simple text explanation. Rather than that, the practitioners need to feel and ‘dive’ in the pure light. That is why we recommend for every practitioner to complete all available chapters prior signing up for the live online group practice, which Milena Maat holds as an online group event every month.

“Alchemy of the mind”
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I have participated in almost all “Alchemy of the mind” practices, with some minor exceptions, and I can definitely say that this is a new level of practice. “Alchemy of the mind” is a purely practical course – it makes you practice “what’s up there – it’s down and back”, that is, you learn the most conscious of living your everyday life and seeing more and more with all your senses what you are doing and starting to make it more conscious and purposeful so that it is of utmost benefit to you at all times. However, this is not very easy, but systematically conducting the course every month makes the maintenance of it easier and more understandable for the mind. In fact, the course is also a peculiar training of mind – to trust more and more in the choices of the heart as a connection with God and our original essence and to be more and more merged with it.

Dolya Novachkova