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Here you can see all available Video Books by Milena Maat.
Some of the video books were recorded during Milena Maat’s live appearances, while others were part of a series of live video books.

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Live Video Book Series “Mystical Experience”

Live Video Book Series “Meditations”

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Who's Milena Maat?

Read more about Milena Maat – Zen teacher of the new time here.

What are video books?

The video books by Milena Maat are live, video, practical-oriented ‘books’ that unfold in you after each viewing. Their purpose is to add more to the senses and the understanding of the given knowledge from the Zen Teacher of the new time Milena Maat. Than the normally written books do. Their goal is to store the energy transmitted by Milena Maat during recording and thus everyone who purchased a live video book to be able to unlock everything she has encoded inside. For more questions about how live video books work for you, contact us.

What practices does Milena Maat offer?

You can see all the active practices or courses offered by Milena Maat in the Practices menu above. Follow the site’s homepage, as well as Instagram and Facebook for active enrollment campaigns for upcoming group practices with a limited number of places.

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