Mystical Experience-Emotional freedom


The practice gives the knowledge and techniques for conscious and responsible application of the sexual energy, which is the way for the manifestation of the true woman in all its fullness of the roles of mother, wife and mistress, inspiring beauty and creativity.

The woman possesses a rich emotional and mental inner world that often, realizing or not, influences the outside world. The feeling of emptiness, misunderstanding, low self-esteem, unmet emotional needs is inevitably reflected in the relationship with family, intimate partner, colleagues and friends. The practice is aimed at awareness of the authentic female power and the application of the huge potential of the woman practically in everyday life. The practice works to help those women who in some way feel an imbalance in their relationships-personal, professional, intimate, relationship with themselves, as well as those who want to consciously develop their sexuality, magnetism and strong female presence. Every woman starts to power and draws her inspiration from there. The practice is suitable for improving sexuality, finding a partner, doing business and making money, conceiving, and every aspect in which a woman can put her creative inspiration and be born again. The specifics of the practice is that it works with very strong energies and teachers. Knowledge about the potential of female energy and sexuality is passed. There is a deep realization of the power of Tantra Energy, which is the basis of love, family, every creativity and is the way to enlightenment. It reaches ancient knowledge about Tantra science and the realization of Tantra energy in life. It works to increase femininity and maintain high vibrations. Because of the strong energies and deep meditations there are many clearings and often cry. The woman is softened, her heart opens. The work is about accepting every single aspect of yourself, putting the walls around the heart, the womb and any remaining part of the body. It works to unite all the elements, to forgive, to liberate and to heal the soul, and to permit the power of life and love in its native gold to pass through the creature. As a result, the woman begins to be in real function of herself and live in a simultaneous manner of every aspect of her life.

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