If you need to hide behind something in order to not take the responsibility for what you do, you will seek for a DEPENDENCY on something or someone. Dependency on alcohol, drugs, Facebook, consumptive love, power, real estate, money, spiritual gurus and centers, that is all pure feeding and fascination for every crumb or every spoken word – whether it’s perfect for your light show. Dependency on the pedestal, on which you want to embark, dependency on perfection, on the lack of criticism, on everything by which your negative ego can rule you and keep you in low vibration. So, my friends, if your are dependent on something or someone – know that there is nothing and nobody outside, everything is your creation, because you need to not see the truth and justify yourselves. To be the clean ones, and the dirty one to be the one outside. If you have food, faith, love, when you cook something, you’ll invite many people on your table, but you’ll also have many dirty dishes, which someone will look at and judge you for. But the guests you had invited, they will go back home and cook with faith and love and will invite other guests in order to pass this on, but they will also have dirty dishes after, because they have fed together. You won’t have dirty dishes and you’ll be perfect and clean if you have your dishes polished and wiped on your shelf, you will look at them and admire their cleanliness, and see the dirtiness of others’ dishes; you’ll do this because you’ll have the time to do it, proving this in solitude and concurrency. But you’ll also be hungry and dependent on your clean polished dishes, because if you dirty them by feeding yourselves and the others – what fame will you have then? You’ll be nothing – you’ll neither have food, nor friends – for they’ll go home to cook and eat; nor you’ll have clean dishes. Nothing, just a Nothing you’ll be for your ego and primitive consciousness, merged with the endless and the eternal. A wonderful NOTHING, in which there is no explanation, no logic, no fame, no fight, no proof, no concurrency, nothing to lose, because you are everything and nothing at the same time. Let us be NOTHING, this is when we become SOMETHING, the one GOD decided for us. LET US ALLOW OURSELVES A FLIGHT WITH NO DEPENDENCIES. LET US BE IN THE TRUTH AND SEE THE DEPENDENCIES THAT WE CREATE TO HIDE BEHIND. LET OUR FLIGHT BE SHARED! WONDERFUL DAY!