Alchemy of the mind – January 23


The “Alchemy of the mind” is one of Milena Maat’s master practices that is valid for achieving more than the standard degree of empathy toward God and the aftermath from such a change.

This is a practical experience, during which are surfaced the required instruments and knowledge to maximize one’s daily life. The practice is intended for achieving freedom and awareness.
The practitioners work to see life in its entirety, but also what stands behind all of their life choices and how to take actions in order to speed up processes and enhance the love within.

The purpose of the practice is to make every little detail more recognisable and by acquiring the practical tools, the practitioners are able to multiply their love and understanding of their surroundings, their approach towards life and the way how they interact with their loved ones, co-workers and all beings.

This practice is suitable for аll people who want to enlighten themselves at a very deep level. To understand the depths of their minds and how they materialize their reality. To realize how they can turn their mind into gold.

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