I have realized long ago that if I want to help someone to have money, and me, I am missing it, it is going to be missed around me, too. If I am missing health, it is going to be missed around me, too. There is no two, there is one. So, if you’re helping a friend for something and you pretend that you don’t need this thing too, you won’t help. Only if this thing stops existing for you, I mean that you become abundance, health, etc. yourselves – only in this way you can emit it around your field as a hologram and thus everyone who happens to be in this field will change. It is magical, beautiful, it is happening. But then, the darkness within you that wants you to suffer, passes through someone around you with whom you communicate, work or love and he starts demanding martyrdom, privation from you, that you serve only him, that he and only he feels good, healthy, have money and so on. And then you see how these people who supposedly love you, your friends, are not interested if you breathe, but just want and want, until you stop wiggling. This is a good trap. A mass one now, all across Europe. I unraveled it, realized it, I became wiser, and so did you, and this is how we are going to initiate in the center of the Earth, helping each other at every step, this thing to be done by all people. And so we do. I have realized that until I leave in my faith someone around me, who constantly works for my suffering, I do not change a thing. It is necessary for me to declare this in front of the universe and to be responsible for my deeds because we give out energy to everyone in our field. And in case we tolerate the manipulation of someone we love, we do nothing but give him our personal power fearing that he may suffer and deciding to sacrifice ourselves again and again for him. Thus we give him our energy and we feel squeezed. It is by the feeling of exhaustion that you will recognize this, as he will disguise well himself; the more you have worked with him, the more he will use your words, your ways, to cultivate and manipulate you in your love, like a snake in your bosom. This is why it is necessary for your wisdom to grow; this is why there is archangel energy in the universe that cuts with spiritual swords; this is why we say “Warrior of the Light”. And we want so much to be Love without swords of Light. And it hurts so much for this friend but whenever you act as you should and see that he becomes better, because he stands up and practice everything he has learned because he has no one to feed from anymore, it is then when you realize that you’ve helped him in courage and wisdom. You have succeeded again and it doesn’t matter who is or who is not around you, all that matters is that your friend has found himself. And then he finds you, too, somewhere on the road; this is magical and becomes real. But someone else will react in another way in his fears, he starts dancing on your grave, thinking he has already taken everything from you and there is no more need for him to flatter, prove or spit at you and he doesn’t stop talking how well he feels without a group or whatever, and this is how he continues to feed himself for years, and there is always someone guilty and dirty for him, the pure and perfect one. A lot of people are talking now how disappointed they are and how much better they feel alone, but what they don’t realize is that they have realized this thanks to the group they are in, that they have finally realized this, but it their ingratitude they have found themselves in the extreme loneliness, in which they used to be before the groups. This is how they turn in a vicious circle, lives in a row, as long as they decide to. So, the group does harm if you only seek the group; the loneliness does harm if you only prove that you can manage on your own. Doing both things is what the hard thing is, to be independent from the one, as well as from the other.