Enrollment for "Alchemy Of The Mind" with Milena Maat

Active enrollment for the new season of the Master practice, conducted in a group of closed, live, events with Milena Maat.


From the seats for the new season are already occupied!

The entrance to the group alchemy practice “Live Living Tao Alchemy” led by Milena Maat opens its doors for registration for the new season 2024-2025.

Tao alchemy is a practice in which deeper layers of human consciousness are considered. Where our awareness, naturalness, wholeness and love arise. Our hidden potentials are ajar. Milena Maat does not philosophize about the DAO, but teaches and demonstrates how to live in the flow of eternal Yin and Yang. It leads us to understand the depths of our minds and how they materialize our reality. The most unique thing is that it looks at these things in the context of our daily lives and our interactions with ourselves, with people and with the world. This group practice has been entering the depths of the living awareness for 7 years now, but it is always open to new elenovo who are ready for deep work with themselves in combination with everyday human life. Practice promotes all kinds and forms of conscious practices without conflict with anything. It denies neither matter nor the forms in which the Tao manifests. The sessions are dynamic and challenging at times due to the provocations to realize, share and enter into the truth. If you feel that this is for you, you are invited to join.

In order to enroll, the condition is that you have the desire to become more deeply aware of your nature. The format is annual and at the beginning of each year it is possible to include new participants. Sessions are held once a month (July and August are closed), on Saturdays from 19:00 to 21:00. Each session is led by Milena Maat, live, via an online video conferencing app. During the sessions, each participant is entitled to a certain individual time tailored to the dynamics of the group. The annual format allows the implementation of processes that unfold during all sessions. This is also supported by the active Facebook group, which participants can use throughout the year, asking their questions and awareness there. Each session is led by Milena Maat, live, via an online video conferencing app.

After applying for the practice, you receive a 10-minute free session with Milena Maat to specify your readiness for inclusion in the course.

For the upcoming season, there are only 4 vacancies and the deadline for registration is 14.02.2024 .

Price: 440 BGN per month with VAT – payment is made before each session or for the whole year.

Fill in the questionnaire

Fill in the registration form below or call us at +359895614903. The deadline for filling in the form is 14 March 2024 year
If within a few days you do not receive a response to your email or the specified methods of contacting you, please contact us. Use the contacts page.

Brief meeting with Milena Maat

Milena Maat will personally review your answers and together, you will schedule a short 10-minute online meeting/interview to determine if this practice is for you

Sign-up Confirmation

Upon approval by Milena Maat for your inclusion in the living practice “Alchemy of the mind”, you will be able to pay for the first session.

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